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Involved in everything but not a part of anything. Too punk to be a hippy, but too hippie for punk.

Jungles Jungles is a constantly evolving visual communication that shifts with each thought, feeling, and action that happens in our lives, but primarily the brand is about escapism.

Humans have always longed for an escape from reality. Whether it be simply having a day off work, going on a holiday, or though darker methods like alcohol and drug abuse.

A lot of things are happening in the world today that make us think that the reality we are living in, is getting out of control. Every bodies reality is different. Good or bad, sooner or later you are going to need a break.

Jungles Jungles serves as a platform to momentarily escape the reality you are in, stop thinking about whatever it is that is on your mind, and drift off into our world for a moment.
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  • Jungles Jungles - Stop The Violence
    Jungles Jungles Stop The Violence The Hidden Base
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